Thursday, February 14, 2008

Worst Valentine's Day Ever

I have never been overly fond of February 14th, but today may go down in history as the worst Valentine's Day ever. Not only do I not have a hot date, but I'm spending the day huddled on the couch surrounded by Advil, Tylenol, orange juice, and a mountain of used Kleenexes. I've been battling a cold/flu thing since last Thursday, and just yesterday it decided to get really nasty. I've had a temperature of 102 off and on since then, and I've been basically miserable. So if anybody shows any signs of sickness around you, RUN, run as fast as you can as far as you can in the opposite direction, because this is the nastiest flu I've had in years.

I've also been doing some reflecting on Terminator. I mentioned before that I really like the new TV series. But here's the thing. They're not just trying to keep John alive, they're trying to stop Skynet from ever being built. But if they succeed in that, then John's dad Kyle Reese will never have a reason to go back in time to protect his mom, and then John will never be born. He will therefore cease to exist, completely fade out Back-to-the-Future style. So it seems like there can really only be two outcomes: either they succeed in stopping skynet, and John ceases to exist, or they fail, and John lives, but the robots nuke the planet, killing or enslaving all of humanity. And I mean, really, you'd think that one of them would have thought of this already. I'd really like to see them write themselves out of that.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fast Fingers

73 words

Hmmmmm. It appears I have improved slightly since Gr. 11 Info Processing. I used to get around 60 words per minute. I think that's pretty good. Can anyone beat it?