Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stephen Harper is a Coward

Well, here we are on the prorogue wagon once again. Twice in one year. Is Harper going to hide behind the GG every time things get a little uncomfortables for his government? Oh Noez! People are asking questions! They want us to be accountable! Quick, to the prorogue-mobile!

(Illustration courtesy of pale.)

As Andrew Coyne (for once making actual sense) says, "In what other democracy is it permissible for the government of the day to hide from the legislature for months at a time?"

Now, just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with proroguing parliament per se. It is, as Conservative cheerleader Stephen Taylor points out perfectly constitutional. And, as a couple of mouth-breathers have pointed out "The Liberals did it too!".

But there is a big difference between what the Harpocrites are doing now and when other governments in the past have prorogued parliament. The only reasons Stephen Harper is proroguing parliament now is 1)to avoid the Afghan Detainee issue (he's really hoping that if he waits a couple of months it will go away) and 2)to stack the senate with Conservative cronies so that when parliament reconvenes, he'll be able to fast-track all his garbage legislation.

To be honest, I don't think this is as obvious a dodge as last year's prorogation was. And I'm not surprised that the GG is going to go along with this one. If she was going to protest, it would have been last year when that weaselly little coward prorogued parliament to avoid a non-confidence vote and the possible take-over by the coalition. Compared with that absolute travesty and perversion of democracy, this latest escapade is only mildly insulting.

It still pisses me off though. Fuck you Stephen Harper, you traitorous wank. And fuck you Michaƫlle Jean for not having the guts to stand up for Canada's democracy while you still could. And fuck you to all the opposition parties who are letting Harper get away with this. For God's sake, bring back the coalition - before Harper is dismantles everything that makes this country good.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Twilight Reviews and Other Fun Stuff

Ha ha. Check out these reviews of Twilight and New Moon. I'm definitely not the only one that found the movies/books lacking. I especially like the part where she describes Bella as "wallpaper".

And finally, this absolutely killed me when I first watched it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fossil of the Year

Oh Stephen, you've made Canada so proud. I could just cry.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Tar Sands Blow

Okay peeps, it's time to get tough with our government who are in Copenhagen as we speak acting like assholes and giving a bad name to all Canadians. Show them that they do not represent Canada. Watch the videos, then go to The Tar Sands Blow and sign the petition.

Also, there will be climate rallies in Regina and Saskatoon on Saturday. I won't be able to attend, but I will be there in spirit. If you can make it, defs go out and get your voice heard:
Demanding Climate JUSTICE in Copenhagen

Saturday December 12

REGINA Rally for Climate JUSTICE!

12:18 pm - 1 pm
Victoria Park, downtown REGINA
Featuring Music – Speakers – Ideas

For more information contact Vicki at 539-7772 or

Saturday December 12

SASKATOON Rally for Climate JUSTICE!

5:30 - 6:30PM

Kiwanis Park – Vimy Memorial Bandshell, Saskatoon

On December 12th, around the world people will gather at strategic locations in their communities, and will light candles of hope to stand in solemn solidarity with the citizens of the nations whose very survival is threatened by the climate crisis. Please join us as we stand in solidarity with those least responsible for climate change and most affected by it.

Please bring a candle if you can as we will light candles and there will be some very fun climate caroling for you all to join in! Come on out and be part of the demand for climate justice! For more information contact Lisa at (306) 242-4097
For Immediate Release - December 7th 2009

A first day fossil for Canada - Canada wins for an unwillingness to negotiate at negotiations

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Canada has been awarded a Fossil of the Day on the first day of negotiations at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen. This “prize”, given to countries who are blocking progress at the United Nations climate summit, is awarded daily by a coalition of 400 leading international NGOs.

Canada garnered today’s award for its unwavering commitment to stand firm in its inaction throughout these negotiations. At a speech in Montreal on Friday, Environment Minister Jim Prentice said that he “won’t be swayed by the Copenhagen hype.”

But if there’s one country on the face of this planet that desperately needs to be swayed, it’s Canada. Since announcing its emissions target in 2007 of reducing GHG emissions by 20% below the 2006 emission level (equivalent to 3 % below the 1990 level), the Harper government has consistently refused to adopt any regulatory framework to start reducing emissions, namely from the rapidly growing sector of tar sands. “So not only do they have the worst records of all industrialised countries, they’re now saying they are going to stick to it,” said Steven Guilbeault from Equiterre. “Someone needs to remind the Canadian government that at negotiations, it is indeed necessary to negotiate.”

“This is a day that I would not have seen coming, the day that South Africa has a more ambitious target than the province of Alberta, whose emissions continue to rise thanks to dirty oil,” says Richard Worthington from WWF South Africa. South Africa just adopted a target of reducing its emissions intensity by 34% below business-as-usual levels in 2020; Alberta’s target for 2020 is equivalent to a cut of about 15-20% below business-as-usual.

Canada has swept these awards, winning Fossil of the Year both in 2007 and 2008.


Fossil of the Day will be presented daily in Copenhagen from a network of over 400 leading international non-governmental organizations following a vote to determine which country had done the most over the course of the day to delay, stall, and otherwise disrupt this crucial negotiating sessions in Copenhagen in December.

Fossil of the Day
Do you hear that Harper? Get your head out of your fucking ass and actually try to lead the country for once in your miserable life you asshole.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Snow and M. Squirrel

Holy Winter Batman! November was so warm and dry (relatively speaking), and now it looks like Winter has finally hit. The first of December on the dot. We've gone from no snow, to a good few inches. I got to try out my new winter boots this morning, and although they certainly kept my feet warm and dry, the traction is not as good as I had hoped as I wiped out and fell flat on my ass, much to the amusement of the breakfast crowd in Mr. Sub I'm sure.

I put my birdfeeder out this weekend, and I woke up Monday morning to see that we had a visitor, but not quite who I was expecting. Instead of a group of chubby chickadees, a large furry red rodent was clinging to the branch next to the feeder. That's right, it was M. Squirrel. M. Squirrel has always been around, although that's the first I've seen him at that window. He was formerly spotted sitting on the tree outside the sun room scolding my cats through the window. But yesterday morning he was sitting in front of the bird feeder in a very possessive manner, and judging from the pile of sunflower seed shells under the feeder, he'd already helped himself. He did eventually leave and I haven't seen him since, so I hope the birds will eventually discover the feeder and not be intimidated by the squirrel. Although I suppose M. Squirrel will be as much entertainment for my kitties as the birds would be, so I won't resent him too much.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon Movie Review

Well, New Moon was about what I was expecting. I went with my sis and a friend, and we ended up laughing through quite a bit of the movie, even though most of it wasn't meant to be funny. The whole thing is just one big cliche. And I seriously weep for any teen girls who think Bella is a wonderful role model. She's just... nothing. She keeps saying that she can't believe Edward would fall for her, because he's so hot and has all his mad vampire skillz and she doesn't have anything. And frankly I can't believe it either. What on earth does he see in her? She has no defining characteristics other than that she's supposed to be a bit of a klutz and kind of beautiful, but other than that she's not really funny, smart, or athletic. She doesn't even seem like she's that fun to be around. There's this one part in the movie where one of the Volturi tries to read her mind and he says, "I sense nothing", and I leaned over to my sister and said "That's cuz there's nothing there!". Bella just sits there and lets her life and the men in it take her wherever. At one point sis leaned over to me and whispered, "Can't she even fucking drive her own truck?" Because either Edward or Jake was usually chauffeuring her around in her own vehicle. And the guys seemed to spend the majority of their time with their shirts off. At the end we decided that the best worst part (cuz there is no "good" part in this movie) was when it showed the vision Alice has of when Bella will become a vampire, and it showed her and Edward running gaily through the woods, and Edward was wearing this weird pants and vest with a white shirt that looked somewhat effeminate, and it was soooo bad. Just about everyone in the theatre laughed at that point. So, did anyone else watch this movie? What was the best worst part for you?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing... Ooops

I was reminded this morning by Saskboy that today is Buy Nothing Day.

So I promptly went out and spent over $500.00.

Eeeee. Ha ha. Whoops. I have to say that I definitely did not honour Buy Nothing Day this year. Friday is my only day off work, and I had things to get. But there are many other days of the year that are Buy Nothing for me. I try very hard not to buy stuff that I don't need or don't really like. And, in addition to my wild spending spree, I also took a bunch of stuff to the Sally Ann, which included a vacuum cleaner (which came with my new apartment, but I already own an awesome one), some clothes I don't wear, and some VHS. (I got rid of my TV and VCR when I moved into my new apartment.)

So what did I spend the $500.00 on? Well, I got me some warm snow boots for about $110.00. I don't own a pair currently, and now that I'm close enough to walk to work, I'm going to need some warmer footwear this winter. I also dropped about $320.00 at amazon, purchasing various books, CDs and DVDs, mostly for Christmas presents. And I bought a birdfeeder and some sunflower seed to put in it. The feeder also has suet cages on either side where I can put the home-made suet cakes that I made last weekend. According to my friend KE, once the birds taste the home-made stuff, they'll turn up their beaks at the store-bought stuff. I plan to hang the feeder somewhere outside my living room window where the birds will provide hours of entertainment for my housebound kitties. So, even though I was naughty and consumed a bunch today, I think it's all stuff that I needed and I will use for a long time.

In other news, I got my H1N1 shot tonight. I was thinking about going to the gym afterwards, but my left arm started to ache where I got the shot. So I decided to skip the gym. It is still hurting a little bit now. I hope it won't get any worse.

I have found a new fantasy series, recommended to me by one of the teens at the library (she has excellent taste in books) which I am devouring hungrily. The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. It's really, really good, if you're a fan of epic fantasy. Lots of battles, cool magic, and great characters. I've just finished the second one. There's been six written, the newest one out in hardcover on Dec. 1. So defs check it out if you're into fantasy.

Later tonight I am heading out to see New Moon. I think the books are awful, and the previous movie was so bad it was funny, but I just have to go and see if it's any better than the book was.

And my kitties are both asleep. My apartment is in a very old house, and the heat comes in through those old fashioned radiators that sit against the walls, and the one in the living room is right in front of the window, and is the same height as the window sill. So Avery lies on the window sill and drapes her arms and legs over the radiator to soak up some heat. And George is curled up on my lap. Which doesn't sound very funny at all, but if you'd known him a few years ago, you would laugh and laugh and laugh.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Accidental Blonde

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror the other day as I pulled back my hair to put it into a ponytail, I noticed that some of the hair around my face was lighter than the rest of my normally dark brown hair. A lot lighter. Almost, in fact, blonde. And I was quite upset because I like my natural hair colour, and I think that blonde streaks look tacky anyway. And since I had not been to the hair salon in quite awhile, I was racking my brain trying to think of how I had acquired these streaks in my hair. The sun, of course, has been known to lighten hair, and I had been walking to work lately (thanks to my beautiful new apartment!) but I really thought I wasn't out long enough for the sun to make a difference, and why would it be just the hair around my face? Then I finally figured it out. I picked up the container of Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing Pads that I'd been using on my face for the past two months, and sure enough, right on the label: 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Oops. I have now gone back to my regular face wash. So let that be a lesson to anyone with dark hair who is using that product: use it very carefully and DO NOT let it touch your hair!! Or like me you will be stuck with tacky looking streaks around your face. I'm not fond of hair dye, so I'm just going to have to live with them until they grow out. :(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainbow Brite Makeover

Does anyone remember Rainbow Brite? She's an icon of the 80's, and she was a huge part of my childhood. I used to play Rainbow Brite for hours and hours with my friends or my sister and my cousins. I had a short blue skirt (actually, the skirt was made for a doll, but I managed to squeeze into it) and a rainbow belt that I would put on and run around and have adventures in as Rainbow Brite. I still have a Rainbow Brite doll.

Anyway, she's apparently making a comeback and has had a whole new makeover to appeal to the kids of today. She definitely looks like she's grown a few years older, and also lost some of her clothes. It's kind of disturbing that they had to sex her up to appeal to the kids of today.

Original Rainbow Brite vs. New Rainbow Brite

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brisingr Review

I just finished Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. It's the third book in what was originally supposed to be the Inheritance Trilogy but what is now the "Inheritance Cycle" since the story has spilled over into a fourth, yet-to-be-published volume. Not the first time that's happened to a series, but I really do think that it's symptomatic of some of the problems with this book.

The funny thing is, that in the acknowledgments, he talks about how long the first draft was and thanks his editor for helping him pare it down. Sheesh! The finished book is 750 pages long. I can only imagine how monstrous the original manuscript must have been. I know that it's supposed to be epic fantasy, and I'm sure Paolini was inspired by Tolkien... perhaps too inspired? One of the beefs I have about the Lord of the Rings is that while it is certainly beautifully written, Tolkien describes everything in excruciating detail. And he "tells" rather than shows. Same with Paolini. I found that there were many, many parts of the book where nothing much happened and it just seemed to drag and drag on forever. There were also several scenes where two characters had long and awkward conversations about certain plot points, just so Paolini could get the information across to the readers. A lot of it was unecessary.

And the details! I know that details help to flesh out a fantasy world and make it real, and you can tell that Paolini must've done a LOT of research for the book. But is it really necessary to go through all the steps of how a sword is made? Or all the proper names for Eragon's armour? There were certain points of the book where it was so detailed that I didn't even understand what he was talking about, and I'm sure 99% of Paolini's readers were in the same boat. Though perhaps somewhere there was a blacksmith or an ancient weapons enthusiast that was very pleased.

I'm all for having descriptions and authenticity in books, but a lot of it was over the top. And I thought there were many scenes that did not advance the plot in any way, help us get to know the characters better, or even really help in fleshing out the setting. They were just there, taking up space. I think the book could have been about 150 pages shorter than it was.

Having said that, I think the first part of the book was the worst for this. It picked up about half way through, and I ended up really enjoying the second half of the book. I think Paolini's writing is really coming along, and some day he's going to be great. Just not today. Still, if you like the series, Brisingr won't disappoint (there were a couple of plot twists that I didn't see coming) and I'm sure the fourth book will be the best yet.

P.S. If you're ever bored, go here. Hours and hours of time-wasting fun, I promise.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

FAIL blog hits close to home

Hee hee. Someone finally sent in a picture of the Welcome to Tisdale sign to FAIL Blog. The sign has been around for a while. For those not in the know, "Rape" actually refers to "Rape Seed" aka Canola. But I agree that the sign is in poor taste. Rape? Really? Couldn't think of a better way to phrase that? Perhaps change the motto? I think "The Land of Wheat and Honey" sounds pretty good. Reminds me of the "giant hoe" episode of Corner Gas.

In other news, HP6 was good. I wasn't blown away by it, but I enjoyed it. There were a fair number of differences from the book, and I'm talking major scenes that were not in the book at all, but I think it was still okay. As long as the plot and characters are true to the spirit of the book, then changing stuff up so it works better as a film is okay. One thing that someone pointed out to me today was that they really didn't explain the whole Half-Blood Prince thing. Which is kind of dumb, since that's the title of the movie. Anyway, defs worth another watch, and I'm going again with my sister on Saturday.

Also, just had an interview today. It went okay. Not great, not terrible. Just okay. So, we'll see. If I get the job, things will certainly get interesting.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Harry Potter is an Atheist!

Or at least Daniel Radcliffe is. Way to go Dan.

One more reason to love Harry Potter. I'm definitely getting excited about the sixth movie. Goodness knows they've had us wait long enough for it. The trailers are looking pretty good. The director that did the fifth movie, David Yates, also directed this one, and is also currently working on Part 1 and 2 of Deathly Hallows. I really hope he does better with this movie. I enjoyed The Order of the Phoenix, but disagreed with some of the characterization, particularly of Dumbledore.

Eeeee! I can't wait!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Woe Canada

Is it just me, or does Canada kind of suck right now?

I just rented Passchendaele (God I love Paul Gross), and I was watching the documentary on the making of the film that's included in the extra features and they were talking about how World War I really brought Canada together. The Canadian Corps was admired by the allies, and feared by the Germans. They talked about how the Germans had a special name for the Canadians, Stormtroopers, and they knew to expect the worst when the Canadians were on the field of battle.

Not that I'm getting all romantic about war. It's awful and horrible, and I'm not sure that I should feel proud about how good this country was at killing other people. But at least it was something.

Lately, I'm not feeling like Canada has much to be proud of anymore. I used to feel that Canada was a great country and I was so lucky to be living here. We were peacekeepers, we were leaders in human rights, we were something that the international community admired and emulated.

I just look at the news now, and I think "What has Canada got to be proud of now?"

Our military is still floundering around in the quagmire of the Middle East, searching for an impossible victory. We seem to be backsliding in the human rights department left, right and centre (think of the shit the RCMP have been up to lately, and their blatant cover-up attempts, think Abousfian Abdelrazik and the government's attempts to weasel out of bringing him, a CANADIAN CITIZEN (brown skin notwithstanding) home, and this lovely bullshit from my home province).

We are one of the most advanced countries in the world, and instead of using our wealth and knowledge to better ourselves and the planet, our government is actively engaged in obstructing the world's efforts to actually do something about climate change.

In short, I feel like lately this country has not shown leadership in a single area. I am so sick of our little government of Bush-wannabes sneaking around trying to see what little acts of sabotage they can get away with before the public finally clues in and kicks their fat asses out of office. How I wish that Michaƫlle Jean had had the ovaries to make Stevie boy face the music back in December last year. Though frankly, I'm not entirely confident that Ignatieff and the Libs would do much better. Same shit, different pile.

We've become a nation of apathetic, arrogant ignoramuses, with nothing better to do than sit on our fat asses and watch the latest lobotomizing reality tv shows. I just don't know what it's going to take to shock us out of this.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dear Mother Nature, WTF?

I'm sitting in front of my computer dressed in my flannel jammy pants and my cosy slippers, sipping a nice cup of hot tea. In June. This weather has been crazy. And although I'm thankful that we didn't get snow here like they did at my parents', the just above freezing temperatures and relentless rain are not much better. Last night, as the temperature in my apartment dipped below 15 degrees, I finally gave in and turned the heat back on. In June.

To cheer everybody up on this most unsunny of Sundays, here's a little Garfunkel and Oates. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek!

I just got back from watching Star Trek, and it was awesome! Even if you're not a Trekkie, go see it. I took my sister to it, and although I have force-fed a lot of Star Trek over the years to her, she's not even close to being a Trekkie, and she really liked it as well. Aside from a few quibbles (like the George Lucas-esque small, cutesy alien that accompanies Scotty - think Phantom Menace *shudders in revulsion*), it was a fantastic movie. And they totally nailed the characters.

And I'm so, so glad. Because after the last TNG movie, Nemesis, and that absolute travesty of a TV series, Enterprise, the Trek franchise really needed to pull one out. So congrats to J.J. Abrams, you did a fabulous job.

And since we're on the subject of previous Trek incarnations, because of the movie coming out, there's been a lot of Trek talk on Space channel which I have been watching on and off. They showed all the previous movies, and had various discussion panels and documentaries, etc. And they were being quite critical of the previous TV shows, and not just Enterprise, but there were a few shots directed at DS9 and Voyager, mostly based on the fact that they began losing ratings with those series. But I have to defend those two shows.

Personally, I think Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series ever made. It was so well-written. I can't even think of another TV show that had such good writing. It was a huge cast, there were about 10 main characters to keep track of, not to mention many recurring guest stars, but the writers managed to keep all the characters engaged in the series, growing and changing. The characters, all of them, evolved over the series in many respects, and there was also a wonderful balance of character-driven and plot-driven episodes, (most episodes were a good mixture of both). And the series managed to have small story arcs, but also one, main, overarching story arc that continued throughout the series. There were elements in the last episode that had their roots way back in the first season. It was so amazing. I've often wondered if they planned it all from the beginning the way the series so neatly came full circle.

On to Voyager, which I will admit, is not even half as good as DS9. But it was still a good show. Good characters, good plotlines (mostly), and although the final episode felt a little tacked on (like they finally realized in the last episode they had to get them home in a hurry, cuz you couldn't end the series with them still lost in space... Geez, they had a whole season to do something about it) it was still good TV. I'd put Voyager only slightly lower quality than TNG.

But, I have to say, any criticism directed at Enterprise is wholly deserved. What a terrible series. And it has absolutely everything to do with the writing. From the beginning they struggled. It was like they didn't know where they wanted it to go, or what kind of series they wanted it to be. Unlike DS9, which as I mentioned found the perfect balance of plot and character, Enterprise teetered between two extremes. There were episodes that were all plot, nothing but explosions and phaser fights, alternated with episodes that focused on one or two characters, where nothing really interesting happened at all, except some awkward scenes where you were supposed to get to know the characters. It was like they just couldn't combine the two. And the plotlines were hit and miss. It was only in Enterprise's last season that they Finally got some good plotlines going, where they finally used the time period in Trek history to their advantage. But then the show got cancelled, and they ended it with THE WORST SERIES FINALE EVER. I won't go into detail here, but that season finale so traumatized me that I can't even watch reruns of Enterprise anymore. All I can say is, shame on those writers, whoever they were. You suck.

So, once again, I am so happy that the new Trek movie rocks. I'm going to see it again, hopefully with my Dad who is part of the reason that I am a Trekkie today. I remember going to see Star Trek 6 with him in the theatre when I was 11.

Ooh yeah, and my sister thinks the actor who played Kirk was really hot, but I personally liked Spock the best. They're all really fantastic.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Break and Bad Book Review

Easter weekend was awesome. It was wonderful to be with *almost* all the reindeer cousins in E-Town again. My thumbs are only just now recovering from multiple rounds of Mario Kart and Rock Band. Good times were had sipping margaritas and wine in the hot tub, there was an extreme amount of shopping done, and I got to have lunch with E-Town native RAL who I hadn't seen for a long time. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed to have to come back home and go to work on Tuesday :(

During the long car ride to and from, I got to do a little recreational reading. I had recently purchased Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez. See it was recommended in January's Cosmo as a good Teen book for adults to check out, sort of in the Twilight/Harry Potter tradition. Well, let me be the first to tell you: Stay far, far away from this book. It really sucked. It was badly written, the plot seemed to jump ahead suddenly in spots, the prose was choppy, etc. Believe me, it's no Harry Potter, and sadly, it's not even as well-written as Twilight. The heroine, who we are told again and again is supposed to be some sort of social outcast, manages to become the girlfriend of the star of the football team, make the cheerleading squad, become best friends with the richest most popular girl in school, and then, with her psychic powers, she squashes the evil vampire lady with a set of bleachers just in time for her to attend the homecoming dance with her football star and become the homecoming queen. Cuz, you know, what else could a girl aspire to? Everything was way too easy. Zero character development. Bleah.

Seriously, what is with all these books with these dumb female protagonists? If you want to read a well-written book with strong women characters, check out anything by Shannon Hale or Tamora Pierce. I also just read Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, and there is no comparison. Unfortunately there is apparently two sequels to Dead is the New Black. I won't be reading them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

PDAs and other annoyances

Well, this has kind of been the week from hell. I went to visit my parents last weekend and then the nasty snow/freezing rain came causing me to miss work on Monday. Even though I waited to drive home until Monday afternoon, there was still about 50 km straight of pure ice covered in snow-drifts. Everyone on the highway was going about 50 kph but the car in front of me still ended up in the ditch. Then on Wednesday I had another altercation with a patron who's been giving me grief. Luckily my boss is backing me up and everyone I've talked to has told me that she's being completely unreasonable, but it is still very, very stressful for me to have such an ongoing antagonistic relationship with someone. Then the Internet was down on Thursday and part of Friday at work, which for me is like having someone blindfold me or tie my hands behind my back. It's very strange how dependent I've become on having immediate access to the internet. I'd think of something to do, and then it was like, "oh crap, I need the internet for that." For example, I wanted to know the definition of a word and found myself typing "define" into google before I remembered: no internet. I sat there frustrated for an entire minute before I realized HELLO, YOU WORK IN A LIBRARY. I then walked ten feet outside my office door to the dictionary in children's reference where I found my answer in about 30 secs... but Google's still faster.

In other news, I'm really, really starting to dislike PDAs. A couple of months ago, I was working the checkout desk (which I only do for one hour every two weeks, so I don't get a lot of practice). This guy comes up (who looks like he's around thirty-something) and he's got a girl with him. He wants to get a new card for his twelve-year-old daughter and to put it in his name because his ex-wife has lost the daughter's first card and is too busy to come down and get her one herself. I get the impression that he isn't too happy with his ex-wife. So I get everything ready, and I pass the new card to the girl who's standing next to him and ask her to sign the card. And the girl looks really confused for a minute and then says, "Oh. No. I'm not his daughter." And she turns to the dad and says, "Ohmigod, she thought I was your daughter!" Oooops. Obviously the girl is not his daughter but his girlfriend. And it's not like she really looked twelve, but she didn't really look old enough to be the girlfriend of a guy who had a twelve-year-old daughter either. Then, as if to make sure I thoroughly understand the nature of their relationship, they immediately start making out in front of me while I finish up with the registration. Ewww. I really, really don't need to see that. Especially in such close proximity. If I ever behave like that with a guy in public, you all have permission to kick my ass.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Du Hast

Okay, here's a fun new meme that I found on Libba Bray's blog.

My Life in Itunes


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. Tag 15 friends

5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

6. Have Fun!

Here we go...


Runaway Train (Soul Asylum)


Paralyzer (Finger Eleven)


My Favourite Mistake (Sheryl Crow) *Sigh*


Cloud #9 (Bryan Adams) So True!


Time of Your Life (Green Day) Isn't this everyone's life purpose?


I'm Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & the Waves)


Don't Speak (No Doubt)


Green Tinted 60's Mind (Mr. Big)


Shine (Collective Soul)


Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)


Saving Grace (Tom Petty)


Wild Thing (The Troggs) Hee hee!


Intuition (Feist)


Spin the Bottle (Juliana Hatfield)


Animals (Nickelback)


Kryptonite (Three Doors Down)


The Score (Sarah Slean)


Two Princes (Spin Doctors)


Du Hast (Rammstein)

I'm tagging librarychik and Ash and anyone else who thinks it looks like fun.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wake Up!

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

Come on peeps. We've got to do something about this NOW. Don't let Stephen Harper get away with ignoring this huge problem! Our lives or the lives of our children could be at stake.