Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stephen Harper is a Coward

Well, here we are on the prorogue wagon once again. Twice in one year. Is Harper going to hide behind the GG every time things get a little uncomfortables for his government? Oh Noez! People are asking questions! They want us to be accountable! Quick, to the prorogue-mobile!

(Illustration courtesy of pale.)

As Andrew Coyne (for once making actual sense) says, "In what other democracy is it permissible for the government of the day to hide from the legislature for months at a time?"

Now, just to be clear, there's nothing wrong with proroguing parliament per se. It is, as Conservative cheerleader Stephen Taylor points out perfectly constitutional. And, as a couple of mouth-breathers have pointed out "The Liberals did it too!".

But there is a big difference between what the Harpocrites are doing now and when other governments in the past have prorogued parliament. The only reasons Stephen Harper is proroguing parliament now is 1)to avoid the Afghan Detainee issue (he's really hoping that if he waits a couple of months it will go away) and 2)to stack the senate with Conservative cronies so that when parliament reconvenes, he'll be able to fast-track all his garbage legislation.

To be honest, I don't think this is as obvious a dodge as last year's prorogation was. And I'm not surprised that the GG is going to go along with this one. If she was going to protest, it would have been last year when that weaselly little coward prorogued parliament to avoid a non-confidence vote and the possible take-over by the coalition. Compared with that absolute travesty and perversion of democracy, this latest escapade is only mildly insulting.

It still pisses me off though. Fuck you Stephen Harper, you traitorous wank. And fuck you Michaƫlle Jean for not having the guts to stand up for Canada's democracy while you still could. And fuck you to all the opposition parties who are letting Harper get away with this. For God's sake, bring back the coalition - before Harper is dismantles everything that makes this country good.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Twilight Reviews and Other Fun Stuff

Ha ha. Check out these reviews of Twilight and New Moon. I'm definitely not the only one that found the movies/books lacking. I especially like the part where she describes Bella as "wallpaper".

And finally, this absolutely killed me when I first watched it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fossil of the Year

Oh Stephen, you've made Canada so proud. I could just cry.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Tar Sands Blow

Okay peeps, it's time to get tough with our government who are in Copenhagen as we speak acting like assholes and giving a bad name to all Canadians. Show them that they do not represent Canada. Watch the videos, then go to The Tar Sands Blow and sign the petition.

Also, there will be climate rallies in Regina and Saskatoon on Saturday. I won't be able to attend, but I will be there in spirit. If you can make it, defs go out and get your voice heard:
Demanding Climate JUSTICE in Copenhagen

Saturday December 12

REGINA Rally for Climate JUSTICE!

12:18 pm - 1 pm
Victoria Park, downtown REGINA
Featuring Music – Speakers – Ideas

For more information contact Vicki at 539-7772 or

Saturday December 12

SASKATOON Rally for Climate JUSTICE!

5:30 - 6:30PM

Kiwanis Park – Vimy Memorial Bandshell, Saskatoon

On December 12th, around the world people will gather at strategic locations in their communities, and will light candles of hope to stand in solemn solidarity with the citizens of the nations whose very survival is threatened by the climate crisis. Please join us as we stand in solidarity with those least responsible for climate change and most affected by it.

Please bring a candle if you can as we will light candles and there will be some very fun climate caroling for you all to join in! Come on out and be part of the demand for climate justice! For more information contact Lisa at (306) 242-4097
For Immediate Release - December 7th 2009

A first day fossil for Canada - Canada wins for an unwillingness to negotiate at negotiations

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Canada has been awarded a Fossil of the Day on the first day of negotiations at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen. This “prize”, given to countries who are blocking progress at the United Nations climate summit, is awarded daily by a coalition of 400 leading international NGOs.

Canada garnered today’s award for its unwavering commitment to stand firm in its inaction throughout these negotiations. At a speech in Montreal on Friday, Environment Minister Jim Prentice said that he “won’t be swayed by the Copenhagen hype.”

But if there’s one country on the face of this planet that desperately needs to be swayed, it’s Canada. Since announcing its emissions target in 2007 of reducing GHG emissions by 20% below the 2006 emission level (equivalent to 3 % below the 1990 level), the Harper government has consistently refused to adopt any regulatory framework to start reducing emissions, namely from the rapidly growing sector of tar sands. “So not only do they have the worst records of all industrialised countries, they’re now saying they are going to stick to it,” said Steven Guilbeault from Equiterre. “Someone needs to remind the Canadian government that at negotiations, it is indeed necessary to negotiate.”

“This is a day that I would not have seen coming, the day that South Africa has a more ambitious target than the province of Alberta, whose emissions continue to rise thanks to dirty oil,” says Richard Worthington from WWF South Africa. South Africa just adopted a target of reducing its emissions intensity by 34% below business-as-usual levels in 2020; Alberta’s target for 2020 is equivalent to a cut of about 15-20% below business-as-usual.

Canada has swept these awards, winning Fossil of the Year both in 2007 and 2008.


Fossil of the Day will be presented daily in Copenhagen from a network of over 400 leading international non-governmental organizations following a vote to determine which country had done the most over the course of the day to delay, stall, and otherwise disrupt this crucial negotiating sessions in Copenhagen in December.

Fossil of the Day
Do you hear that Harper? Get your head out of your fucking ass and actually try to lead the country for once in your miserable life you asshole.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Snow and M. Squirrel

Holy Winter Batman! November was so warm and dry (relatively speaking), and now it looks like Winter has finally hit. The first of December on the dot. We've gone from no snow, to a good few inches. I got to try out my new winter boots this morning, and although they certainly kept my feet warm and dry, the traction is not as good as I had hoped as I wiped out and fell flat on my ass, much to the amusement of the breakfast crowd in Mr. Sub I'm sure.

I put my birdfeeder out this weekend, and I woke up Monday morning to see that we had a visitor, but not quite who I was expecting. Instead of a group of chubby chickadees, a large furry red rodent was clinging to the branch next to the feeder. That's right, it was M. Squirrel. M. Squirrel has always been around, although that's the first I've seen him at that window. He was formerly spotted sitting on the tree outside the sun room scolding my cats through the window. But yesterday morning he was sitting in front of the bird feeder in a very possessive manner, and judging from the pile of sunflower seed shells under the feeder, he'd already helped himself. He did eventually leave and I haven't seen him since, so I hope the birds will eventually discover the feeder and not be intimidated by the squirrel. Although I suppose M. Squirrel will be as much entertainment for my kitties as the birds would be, so I won't resent him too much.