Thursday, November 17, 2005

Potter Mania

That's right folks. Tomorrow night it happens: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is finally here. Rejoice!

Okay, I've always been a big fan of the books, but not so much the movies. I thought the first couple of movies were only pale imitations of the books. The third one, however, was a big improvement in my mind, and I have been looking forward to seeing the fourth one for a while. Especially after my summer read of Book #6 got me into it all over again. Despite my growing excitement, I thought I was past all of that pre-adolescent swooning that goes on over Daniel Radcliffe. I mean really, the kid (and kid he is by my reckoning) is 9 years younger than me! And to be quite honest, he's not my favorite actor. Personally, I've found him to be a little stiff and awkward, especially in the first two movies, although he is improving. It only makes it worse when he plays so often opposite Rupert Grint, who is a really fluid actor with great comic timing. However, that's not to say Dan won't get better and someday become a great actor. Besides the Harry Potter films, he isn't that experienced.

Ahh yes, but on to the point of my post. I had a Harry Potter dream last night. I was in the movie, and I was playing the part of Ron and Ginny's older sister. It was really funny, because for the life of me I couldn't remember my character's name (I of course didn't remember that it's because there is no such character). So there we were, me, Dan, Emma, Rupert, and whoever it is that plays Ginny, dashing around the set. And I couldn't remember the script. I was never where I was supposed to be, and I got all of my lines wrong. I remember thinking that I had better re-read the book since I couldn't seem to remember anything of what was supposed to happen! This made such a strong impression on my mind that when I woke up, I was all set to phone my sister and tell her to lend me her copy of the Goblet of Fire so I could re-read it. I then recalled that I had just re-read the entire thing this summer, and I could recall most of the details just fine.

But here's where it gets weird. We were all taking a break between takes, or whatever, (despite my dream I honestly have no clue what goes on during the filming of a movie). Emma was sympathetic and trying to explain to me where I was supposed to be. Then Dan came and sat down very close beside me, and then we started kissing!!!

Okay, this guy is only a year older than my cousin whose diapers I used to change. I have no excuse, except that Potter Mania has finally really gotten to me. The only cure I guess is to go and see the movie.

Despite my rather embarrassing dream, I'm still really excited. Yay Harry Potter!!!

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Ash said...

Personally, I always liked Oliver Wood. He was pretty cute in the movie. A little young for me, but cute.