Wednesday, January 18, 2006

La bête bleue, part deux


Apparently, when my fuel pump went, it also fried the computer in my car. Computers are even more expensive than fuel pumps. In total, I see this whole thing costing me close to $1400. I'm not even sure my car is worth much more than that. Even worse was finding out the reason that both my computer and fuel pump got fried was because the fuel filter got clogged. Why was it clogged? Apparently it just builds up over time, and most people (according to the Canadian Tire guy) get theirs changed every year or so. To change a fuel filter would cost about $60. Sixty Dollars. Sixty Dollars a year, versus $1400 dollars PLUS the fact that I do not have a vehicle and likely will not until MONDAY or TUESDAY. WHY don't people tell you these things??? I check the pressure in my tires, check the oil, the coolant, the windshield washer fluid. I get oil changes twice a year. I even check the air filter once in a while. WHY in GOD's name did no one tell me to change the fuel filter???

I guess there's no one to blame really but myself, but I have honestly never heard that fuel filters are one of the things that need to be changed on a regular basis. Does everyone else get their fuel filters changed and am I really out to lunch on this one???

In other news, I think they must be really desperate for librarians in this province. I went to a meeting today, and then on a tour of provincial library, and I was STRONGLY encouraged to apply for jobs both at provincial, and at another regional library. At provincial, they even went so far as to show me "my office" where I would work if I got the job.

The thing is, I am just not sure right now if I am ready for that kind of job. You know the kind of job I mean: you work in an office, your duties are administrative and managerial. Sure, you get paid more, but I'm just not ready for that. I'm not done playing around with web sites, and making up funny newsletters, and doing fun workshops and programs. For the time being, I am quite happy to leave the supervising and strategic planning for someone else. Perhaps I should add this to my cover letters from now on:

P.S. I just really want to play with puppets, okay?


librarychik said...

Oh man! That really bites. But you're right, without decent public transport, what's a girl to do? I kinda know about the fuel filter thing, but when I actually drove my car, my mechanic would take care of all that for me (chagrin).

I was looking at applying for one of the Provincial library jobs, but I am not sure. I don't think that pay is that fantastic. (but better than no job at all). The public transport is probably better there too :-)

Library Lady said...

Well said, Violet. Well said. Hurrah for puppets. Boo for being overqualified for all the jobs that let you play with puppets.

Anonymous said...

Generally, if they are good people, they will tell you when you get an oil change that your filter is clogged and "would you like a new one?" and then you say yes.

Broken down cars with high bills and out-of-commissionness both suck and blow. Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was Pants btw. They keep making me spell funny words because I'm annonynomous. This time it's mxeivdmp. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

umm, i play with puppets pretty much every day. i have a bunch of them at my desk, and i recently spent 300$ on new puppets, and i am in the midst of planning a programme called "Meet the Puppets!" for preschoolers.

ANNND i have business cards that say "librarian" on them, in case you need the proof. those jobs are out there! hooray for saskatoon!