Monday, August 13, 2007

Adieu, Bête Bleue

So over the weekend, I went to Saskatoon and did a little shopping.

Car shopping that is.

And I am now the proud owner of a slightly used, dark blue, Honda CR-V. I really wanted a Toyota Rav 4, because I once drove one of those for work and liked it, and my cousin has one which I tried out in Edmonton at Easter. And I test-drove a very nice silver one. But I surprised myself and went for the Honda. It's a bit bigger than I ideally would have liked. But smoooooth. Standard transmission, of course.

So no more bête bleue. In many ways, I am going to miss the little guy. He techincally belongs to my Dad, so that's where he is right now. I don't know what Dad's going to do with him, but I hope that he will be spiffed up and sold to a deserving but poor college student who will need something like la bête: a cute little car to run around the city in, with 4x4 for those pesky January snowstorms, small enough that you could parallel park downtown blind-folded, but big enough that you could still fit five skinny people in a pinch.

So now I must move on and make some new memories. I'm currently trying to decide on a name for my new mode of transportation. This beast is also blue, but there can only be one bête bleue. Any suggestions? Here are a couple of visual aids to help you make a decision:


librarychik said...

Love, love, love it! Not sure about the name though, such a personal thing. But my friend Annie always names her vehicles with a man's name. Her Rav 4 is Antonio. How about Orlando for your new blue baby?

Violette said...

Ooooh. I actually kind of like Orlando. And he is really cute, just like the real Orlando. ;)

librarychik said...

Exactly! :-)