Sunday, June 08, 2008


My life has lately been very, very busy, but sadly not very exciting. So here are some reviews of what I've been reading/watching.

Sex and the City
Ummmm. I enjoyed it. But I'm not sure if anyone who hadn't been a follower of the tv series would have. It was pretty much like three or four episodes strung together to make a movie. My favourite part was when a certain character confesses that they've been cheating on another certain character, and the whole audience gasped. Which wouldn't have happened in a regular movie. But because everyone in the theatre was a fan and had been watching and knowing these characters for years, it was like your best friend came up to you and confessed that they'd been cheating. Oh and there were like, four guys in the audience. Including my sister's bf. Hi J!

Bee Movie
Yes it's a kids movie, but I am a Children's Librarian. Not that that's really an excuse. The second most watched channel on my tv is Teletoon. But, anyway, I thought it looked like it could be kind of cute and funny, so I rented it. And after it was over, I just kind of sat staring at the screen going "huh?". It's like, halfway through, the creators just said, "You know what? This movie is not very good, and it's already kind of starting to not make sense. So let's just throw out EVERYTHING we know about plot and character and make the dumbest movie ever. Sound good?" I mean, seriously, the beginning had its moments, but after you get about mid-way through, the whole thing just becomes so random and stupid. You know, just because it's a kids movie shouldn't mean you can just make a steaming pile of crap and get away with it because Jerry Seinfeld will sell it for you. Yuck.

Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan
This is a series about a teen girl who discovers that she's an extremely powerful witch when she joins a Wiccan coven. They're pretty good. Not fabulous, amazing writing, but the plot keeps the pages turning. There's lots of twists and turns, and there are a ton of books in the series. I just finished book 8, and I'm not even sure how many books have been written. They do almost become a bit soap-like though, in that they have to keep changing things around and shocking you to keep you reading, right? So in every book it's like, ohmigod, so that guy, who you thought was bad, is actually good! And that guy you thought was good, is actually bad! And so forth. But they're good for a quick, entertaining read.

Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
This 6-book series is about a girl who can talk to ghosts. And when she moves to California she finds an amazingly sexy boy ghost haunting her bedroom. And it might seem like their relationship can't go anywhere (him being dead and all), but this girl can not only talk to ghosts, she can touch them too, just as if they were real people. So literally kicking ghost butt (or kissing) is not out of the question. Good series. The first three books were okay, and then in the fourth book the plot kicked into high gear. And you know it's got to have a happy ending, but I couldn't figure out HOW she was going to pull it off. So it was pretty good. Again, not especially deep... but who am I kidding? I never read anything deep unless I'm going to have to write an essay on it.

Uh, no. I haven't actually seen this. Because it hasn't been released yet. I just wanted to complain about the fact that it was originally scheduled to be released in March 2008, and I put in my library newsletter that it was going to be released then, and it wasn't, and now it says it's going to be released in January 2009! That's almost a year later! What happened?

And what's up with this cold, rainy weather? I mean, I'm not complaining about the rain, cuz I know the farmers need it (Hi Dad!), but seriously, (if you can believe the weather channel) it's going to be rainy and cold for the next week. This is not nice June weather.

Okay, I'm done bitching. Ciao.


Pants said...

I was actually going to ask everyone on my blog if they had read Meg Cabot. Because the woman churns out like, a book a week, which does not bode well. But your review has me intrigued (although why can't anyone finish a story in one book anymore??).

This weather is depressing me. Yay for farmers though. We must think of the farmers.

Violette said...

To be honest, those are the only Meg Cabot books I've read, so I can't really speak for her in general. But I liked that series, so she's probably worth a try.