Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin = Scary Bananas

I'm sure you've all heard about Sarah Palin, republican John McCain's running mate. But she is so very, very scary, that I just had to put my two cents in. The republicans presumably picked her in the hopes that some of the women who were voting for Clinton would then vote for Palin. That is indicative of an extremely dim view of the intelligence of women. For sure, a woman in the white house would be nice for a change, but to assume that American women will just look at Palin and go, "Oooh. She has ovaries! Just like me! I'll vote for her!" is insulting. It assumes that women don't know or care about the actual issues. Sadly, I'm sure that there really are some women who actually think like this. Let's hope they are few and far between, because Sarah Palin is probably the last person you would want to represent the interests of women.

I have noted with particular interest this little tidbit: "[Sarah Palin] has inquired locally [Wasilla] about the possibility of using her position to ban children's books from the public library". A few months after the incident, the city librarian was also told she was going to be fired, although Palin later relented. Whether or not that had anything to do with the rather dim view the librarian took of Palin's attempted book banning is unclear.

In the end it really doesn't matter whether or not any books were actually banned. The very fact that Palin asked about it shows her true colours.

And the really scary thing is that John McCain is 72 years old and has apparently had 4 bouts of cancer. Should he be elected, it is Sarah Palin who will replace him as President if he dies.

Yes, I know I'm Canadian. And we've got our own upcoming election to worry about (Damn you Stephen Harper!). But we all know how close our own fortunes are tied into those of the United States. And a United States with Sarah Palin at the helm is a very frightening prospect.


Jair Trejo said...

Apparently, Matt Damon agrees.

Violette said...

Ha ha. Good for him.