Thursday, July 16, 2009

FAIL blog hits close to home

Hee hee. Someone finally sent in a picture of the Welcome to Tisdale sign to FAIL Blog. The sign has been around for a while. For those not in the know, "Rape" actually refers to "Rape Seed" aka Canola. But I agree that the sign is in poor taste. Rape? Really? Couldn't think of a better way to phrase that? Perhaps change the motto? I think "The Land of Wheat and Honey" sounds pretty good. Reminds me of the "giant hoe" episode of Corner Gas.

In other news, HP6 was good. I wasn't blown away by it, but I enjoyed it. There were a fair number of differences from the book, and I'm talking major scenes that were not in the book at all, but I think it was still okay. As long as the plot and characters are true to the spirit of the book, then changing stuff up so it works better as a film is okay. One thing that someone pointed out to me today was that they really didn't explain the whole Half-Blood Prince thing. Which is kind of dumb, since that's the title of the movie. Anyway, defs worth another watch, and I'm going again with my sister on Saturday.

Also, just had an interview today. It went okay. Not great, not terrible. Just okay. So, we'll see. If I get the job, things will certainly get interesting.


Saskboy said...

Rape seed predates canola which is a hybrid seed. Others' ignorance is no excuse to change the motto :-) It's catchy, if a little out of date.

Violette said...

That's kind of my point. Whoever came up with the slogan was well aware of the double entendre, and probably thought that it was catchy and funny, and likely to garner attention (as FAIL blog demonstrates). I guess it's just a matter of deciding whether you think joking about "rape" is appropriate or not. I guess if notoriety was the goal, then they've succeeded admirably.

Saskboy said...

I'd have to know if rape seed was named after "rape" or not. If it was, maybe a change of name is in order for the motto, and the seed. Otherwise if it's a separate meaning, stick with it, and educate people.