Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainbow Brite Makeover

Does anyone remember Rainbow Brite? She's an icon of the 80's, and she was a huge part of my childhood. I used to play Rainbow Brite for hours and hours with my friends or my sister and my cousins. I had a short blue skirt (actually, the skirt was made for a doll, but I managed to squeeze into it) and a rainbow belt that I would put on and run around and have adventures in as Rainbow Brite. I still have a Rainbow Brite doll.

Anyway, she's apparently making a comeback and has had a whole new makeover to appeal to the kids of today. She definitely looks like she's grown a few years older, and also lost some of her clothes. It's kind of disturbing that they had to sex her up to appeal to the kids of today.

Original Rainbow Brite vs. New Rainbow Brite


Anonymous said...

At the very least the never version doesn't appear to have boobs? That's still a lot of eye makeup she's wearing though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin!
I too LOVED Rainbow Brite... continue to own a doll, a horse and a twink stuffed animal.

I disapprove of the makeover!!

Keep up the blog, I'm going to make a point of following it being that you've boycotted facebook! :D