Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing... Ooops

I was reminded this morning by Saskboy that today is Buy Nothing Day.

So I promptly went out and spent over $500.00.

Eeeee. Ha ha. Whoops. I have to say that I definitely did not honour Buy Nothing Day this year. Friday is my only day off work, and I had things to get. But there are many other days of the year that are Buy Nothing for me. I try very hard not to buy stuff that I don't need or don't really like. And, in addition to my wild spending spree, I also took a bunch of stuff to the Sally Ann, which included a vacuum cleaner (which came with my new apartment, but I already own an awesome one), some clothes I don't wear, and some VHS. (I got rid of my TV and VCR when I moved into my new apartment.)

So what did I spend the $500.00 on? Well, I got me some warm snow boots for about $110.00. I don't own a pair currently, and now that I'm close enough to walk to work, I'm going to need some warmer footwear this winter. I also dropped about $320.00 at amazon, purchasing various books, CDs and DVDs, mostly for Christmas presents. And I bought a birdfeeder and some sunflower seed to put in it. The feeder also has suet cages on either side where I can put the home-made suet cakes that I made last weekend. According to my friend KE, once the birds taste the home-made stuff, they'll turn up their beaks at the store-bought stuff. I plan to hang the feeder somewhere outside my living room window where the birds will provide hours of entertainment for my housebound kitties. So, even though I was naughty and consumed a bunch today, I think it's all stuff that I needed and I will use for a long time.

In other news, I got my H1N1 shot tonight. I was thinking about going to the gym afterwards, but my left arm started to ache where I got the shot. So I decided to skip the gym. It is still hurting a little bit now. I hope it won't get any worse.

I have found a new fantasy series, recommended to me by one of the teens at the library (she has excellent taste in books) which I am devouring hungrily. The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. It's really, really good, if you're a fan of epic fantasy. Lots of battles, cool magic, and great characters. I've just finished the second one. There's been six written, the newest one out in hardcover on Dec. 1. So defs check it out if you're into fantasy.

Later tonight I am heading out to see New Moon. I think the books are awful, and the previous movie was so bad it was funny, but I just have to go and see if it's any better than the book was.

And my kitties are both asleep. My apartment is in a very old house, and the heat comes in through those old fashioned radiators that sit against the walls, and the one in the living room is right in front of the window, and is the same height as the window sill. So Avery lies on the window sill and drapes her arms and legs over the radiator to soak up some heat. And George is curled up on my lap. Which doesn't sound very funny at all, but if you'd known him a few years ago, you would laugh and laugh and laugh.

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