Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Snow and M. Squirrel

Holy Winter Batman! November was so warm and dry (relatively speaking), and now it looks like Winter has finally hit. The first of December on the dot. We've gone from no snow, to a good few inches. I got to try out my new winter boots this morning, and although they certainly kept my feet warm and dry, the traction is not as good as I had hoped as I wiped out and fell flat on my ass, much to the amusement of the breakfast crowd in Mr. Sub I'm sure.

I put my birdfeeder out this weekend, and I woke up Monday morning to see that we had a visitor, but not quite who I was expecting. Instead of a group of chubby chickadees, a large furry red rodent was clinging to the branch next to the feeder. That's right, it was M. Squirrel. M. Squirrel has always been around, although that's the first I've seen him at that window. He was formerly spotted sitting on the tree outside the sun room scolding my cats through the window. But yesterday morning he was sitting in front of the bird feeder in a very possessive manner, and judging from the pile of sunflower seed shells under the feeder, he'd already helped himself. He did eventually leave and I haven't seen him since, so I hope the birds will eventually discover the feeder and not be intimidated by the squirrel. Although I suppose M. Squirrel will be as much entertainment for my kitties as the birds would be, so I won't resent him too much.

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