Sunday, April 11, 2010

This one's for you sis...

Fuuuck! Is anybody else having problems embedding You Tube videos? It's too big for my blog, even the smallest size. Videos that embedded just fine before are now too big to fit on the screen, despite the fact that the html is EXACTLY the same. Fucking youtube. I'm assuming it's youtube, because it looks shitty no matter what browser I open it with. Some sort of bug rolled up with all the (stupid!) changes they have made to the site recently?

Anyway, due to youtube's retardedness, you'll have to click on the link to watch:
Chiropractic vs. Science Based Medicine.

Okay, I've manually changed the video to have an object width of 500. But I still just don't understand why previous videos with a width of 650 fit, and now they don't. Anyone who can shed any light on this, please do. Anyway, the video:


Louise said...

Somewhere in the HTML code (in two places, in fact) you will find the dimensions. Normally, it 480 or larger. Before you post it, just go in and change both to 400. Works every time.

Louise said...

*the width* is 480 or larger

Violette said...

Hi Louise;
Thanks for the advice. I could have manually adjusted the width, but the thing is, my blog does normally accommodate a width of 640px. And I checked back to videos that I have previously embedded, which are still embedded and appear the right size, and they have a width of 640 in the html. But if I copy and paste the html of those videos in now, the video is not the correct size, it is too big for my blog. It is very, very odd, and I have no explanation. I don't know if it's blogger, youtube, or if the internet gods just hate me. ;)