Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Great Flood

You know what's really funny? Just the other day someone was telling me that it couldn't possibly flood in southern Saskatchewan... Oh really? Crazy stuff going on down in the southwest corner which is where I'm originally from. Here in the 'Jaw we didn't get that 100mm, so there is no flooding here, although many farmers still did not get their crops in. Back at home the dam is overflowing for a second time this year. It always overflows once with the spring runoff, but it has never overflowed a second time with just rain water, never in my lifetime, and probably never before that either. Medicine Hat, Maple Creek, Cypress Hills and Fort Walsh are all in trouble. And the weather forecast is calling for more rain.

Here's some good photos of the disaster.

The Trans-Canada highway is still closed and likely will remain closed for awhile, and there's a good video here that shows why:

And here's some more footage of Maple Creek:

Of course, the large amounts of water laying around in the ditches have some advantages:

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