Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I came across another classic from my childhood today. I was ordering new DVDs, and I came across the complete TV series of H.R. Pufnstuf. And I read the description, and suddenly something twigged in my brain, and so I did some research, and indeed, there was a movie that was made in 1970 called Pufnstuf. I specifically remember the scene where the flute comes alive, and also the boat turning evil and him falling in the water. But the memories are pretty fuzzy and vague, so I must've been very young when I saw this. Oh yeah, and as a bonus, one of the witches is played by Cass Elliot! Of course I wouldn't have known who she was then, but cool nonetheless.

YouTube has the full movie, here's the first two segments which have the scenes I remember.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I will not require my daily acid trip for today.

Violette said...

Ha ha. I know. It's pretty weird. And it only gets better. :P

Violette said...

Oh yeah, and I forgot the best part - they're doing a remake in 2011. You can find it on IMDB right now.