Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stephen Harper Hates Women

Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking south of the border and shaking my head at those idiotic Republicans and their plan to cut funding to planned parenthood, because apparently all they do is abortions! All the time!! And I wondered how the American public could let them get away with the lying and the bullshit.

But it's happening here too. Brad Trost, the Conservative twit from Saskatoon-Humboldt let slip that the Cons are cutting funding to Planned Parenthood here in Canada. This was followed by fierce denials from the Cons, but I wonder how Brad got that idea? Maybe because the Harper Conservatives have shown their contempt for women's issues time and time again. I was surprised they would think of going this far, but I really shouldn't be anymore. The difference between the Conservatives up here and the Republicans down south is becoming less discernible by the minute.

So for anyone who thinks the Republicans/Teabaggers are crazy loons and then turns around and votes Conservative up here, I just want to know, how do you deal with the cognitive dissonance? Your brain must be doing some incredibly acrobatic self-justification in order for you to be able to sleep at night.

You know what else is a great pick-up line? "I would never vote for that twat Stephen Harper or any of his fellow bible-thumping, homophobic, misogynistic brethren." That's music to my ears.


Anonymous said...

What a moronic claim Harper hates women is outlandish and idiotic. Where is your outrage for Lawrence Joseph of the NDP for marginalizing the holocaust yesterday? Hypocrite!

Violette said...

Harper has shown many times over the past 5 years his contempt for women and the issues important to them. See video for a partial list.

As for Lawrence Joseph, I personally don't have the time to read or blog about every single little incident that occurs in Sask politics. I stick to the topics that I'm passionate about.

But just fyi, holocaust (small h) can refer to any mass destruction of human lives. I'd say the residential schools could qualify. To me it's a non-issue.

Go troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Conservative Troll to be sure.

Good post. Even conservatives who adamantly agree with Harper's economic outlook should be concerned about his anti-democratic tactics and his seriously outdated social perspectives.

As someone who is not Indigenous but has spent time in reserve communities I can assure your trolling friend that Joseph's reference does not detract from the Holocaust associated with WWII but rather brings to light a little-acknowledged and horrifying piece of Canadian history. The last residential school closed in the 1980s and community members continue to share with me the cultural genocide accomplished through them. Good for him for labeling it such.

Anonymous said...

I bet Harper looooooves women! It would be too un-conservative of him not to.

Love Nicole.

Violette said...

You betcha he loves women. Barefoot and in the kitchen. "Laureen, go make me a sandwich woman!"