Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Difference Between Cats & Dogs

I have recently been reminded of why I like cats better than dogs, and I thought I'd explain my thoughts.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate dogs. They have their moments. But, for several reasons, I find cats suit me better. It is true that if I asked one of my cats to go for a walk or a bike ride, they'd probably open one green eye slowly to glare at me and say, "You want me to do what, now?" Cats are far from obedient: they will not perform on demand. And while this can be somewhat inconvenient, it also lends a certain dignity to the feline creature. After all, most people only wish they could remain as aloof as a cat when a bribe was offered. But besides that, lets discuss all of the practical reasons that cats are better than dogs.

First of all, dogs are smelly. They really are. And they prefer it that way. What smells like moldy socks to you smells like heaven to them. And therefore you must give them baths. Which can be a pain if they hate taking baths. Cats on the other hand are always cleaning themselves, and while it might seem gross that they lick their own fur, it really works. My cats don't smell like anything.

Secondly, dogs need to be taken out for walks and to go to the bathroom. Now, this does not have to be done if you are on a farm, but it does if you're in a city. Cats on the other hand never need to go out, they just need their litter box scooped. Yes, it's a dirty job, but it's highly preferable to going outside on -40 C day with a little scoop and a plastic bag so that doggy can do his/her business.

And finally, cats are cool and reserved. Unlike dogs, they will not go insane barking, jumping up on people, slobbering all over everything and widdling on the floor when they get excited. How undignified. I think the only visible sign of a cat's excitement is that rather charming bum wiggle they do before they pounce on something.

In fact, as I am also rather reserved, this could be why I like cats best of all. They respect my personal space (most of the time) and I respect theirs (most of the time). I also like the fact that you can go away and leave cats at home for a day and not have to feel guilty. They're solitary creatures, and like me, probably crave some isolation once in awhile. Compare this to the separation anxiety often suffered by dogs.

Yes indeed. Give me a cat any day.


librarychik said...

Me too... MEOW!

JB said...

Hope you don’t mind me paying a visit; I discovered your blog because of Librarychick’s link. I think it’s fun to see a blog just getting started because you get to know a little bit more about the writer each time he/she posts.

About dogs—I must admit that I love them, especially my little dachshund. She has very short hair and she doesn’t shed or smell, thank god. In fact, my husband and I like to call her our little “kitty cat” because she’s very independent and we can leave her home for a long time and she really doesn’t care.

So, I guess it depends on the dog.

I like cats, too, and I had a few excellent mousers when I lived in the country.

Violette said...

Hey jb,

No prob. I have to confess that, through librarychik, I am also an avid reader of your blog!

My family had a dachshund named Sophie when I was young, and I remember she used to howl when someone sang or played an instrument, and she peed on the floor when she got too excited. So my grandfather nick-named her "Soakie".

Anonymous said...

Yo yo Arvy-chick. Just checking out yer blogerlogger know who I am baby, YEAH. P.S. Soakie got KICKED didn't she?? I for one know you have a deep-rooted hatred of doggies. Personally, I think they stink too. XOX See you in September, your friend, "anonymous"

Stacey said...

Hiya! I followed in from Librarychik too. :) I always love a friendly dog-cat debate!

I'm definitely a dog person, even without taking my allergies to cats into consideration. I love the cuddliness and playfulness of a dog. When I lived at home with my puppy, there was nothing nicer after a bad day than curling up on the couch with him.

I never minded the walks too much. Forced me to get out of the house, get some air and some exercise. Or you could live in a house with a properly enclosed backyard, and then you just have to open the door briefly. :)

"Dogs have masters, but cats have servants."

Welcome to the world of blog!

Violette said...

Yay Stacey!

Violette said...

Dear anonymous,

You know perfectly well I don't hate doggies, and Soakie did not get kicked...although I will say she got what was coming. Weiner dogs should come with warning labels.

And what do you mean 'See you in September'??