Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Littermate best cat litter ever

So I started a little journey a while back, a journey into the world of cat litters. I had been using regular clay non-clumping cat litter for my two kitties. But when I moved to my new apartment, I decided I needed to switch. The cat litter is in my sunroom, which is just off my bedroom, and the clay stuff, even when you dump half a box of baking soda in it, kind of smelled. Also, my male cat, George, is very fussy about his litter box, and with the clay stuff, unless you changed it once a week - and I mean throw all the old litter out, wash the box out, replace with new litter - then he would decide not to use it. And I did not want him doing that in my new apartment. So I did some research and decided to try this new litter.

It's called Littermate, and it is awesome. Basically, it's made from barley, it is also clumping, and - here's where it gets awesome - the clumps are flushable. What other litter can you flush down the toilet? So you fill up the litter box with it, scoop it daily, flushing the clumps and the poops down the toilet and I have never had my toilet clog on me, (and I live in a 100-year-old house don't forget, with plumbing that's probably almost as old) although I should mention that while I was in Mexico, my friend who was taking care of my kitties did temporarily clog my toilet once with a particularly large clump, so just make sure the clumps are small enough to go down. So you just keep scooping, and replace the litter as it goes down, and then after a month they recommend you replace the entire box with new litter. The old litter can be composted or mulched. And, the stuff has baking soda in it already, and it doesn't smell. It just has that faint dusty grain scent that anyone who's ever ridden in a grain truck will recognize. But if you keep it scooped, no other odour at all.

And did I mention that it's made in Saskatoon? So let's summarize: awesome litter that is scoopable, flushable, doesn't smell, and is safe and totally non-toxic for kitties. Plus it is good for environment because it is biodegradable AND it's made from barley, a locally grown product, and it's also manufactured locally for all us SK people. So please check it out. Really, they didn't pay me to promote their product, I just love it that much. It can, unfortunately be a bit hard to find though. I know for a fact that you can get it in Critters pet shops in S'toon. I personally order it through my vet to get it here in MJ. You can go to their website and give them a call, and they will be able to tell you where to find it in your area. Although if they tell you that you can get it at Sobey's, they lie. Because that's what they told me at first, and I have checked the Sobey's in MJ, Regina, and S'toon, and never found it. I'm not sure where else in Canada it may be available, but give them a call and see. I think they said that their wholesaler was based out of Calgary, so you can probably get it in AB as well.

It is on the pricey side, about $45 for a 20 kg bag, but it is worth it. Did I mention that fussy George made the switch immediately, and has been happily using the litter box ever since? Seriously, if you love your kitties, give this stuff a try.


Anonymous said...

Cousin!!! OMG! I need to have that kitty litter!!!!! Its brilliant!!!!!

Enjoying your blog as always! Keep it up!

Violette said...

Yay! Hope you can find it. George made the switch right away, but they do suggest slowly switching over several weeks. Let me know how it goes.