Friday, October 14, 2005

What have I been up to?

Well. I've been at my new job all of 2 weeks. So what do I think? Actually, I think I might be enjoying myself. All of the people are really nice, and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. And yes, it's a fairly small town, quite a change from Edmonton, but really, still very nice. I could probably stay here and be quite happy.

On the home front, my cats are perhaps not quite so happy. I should not have let them out of the house while they were staying at the farm, but I couldn't resist their longing looks at the door. And now that they are back in a city apartment, they are not happy that am not letting them out. So, I thought I would try George with a leash. I know, I know. A cat on a leash? But Georgie has so many other doggie traits that I thought perhaps he would walk on a leash as well. And? Nope. Definitely not. Hates the leash. Tries to eat the leash, rolls on the floor until he's all wrapped up in the leash, and basically makes a general disply of displeasure. I have also realized that I'm probably in the worst apartment for owning two cats. I'm the middle apartment on the second floor, so I have people above, below, and to either side. My cats sometimes get up to a game of tag in the middle of the night. When I was in the basement suite and my only neightbour was the utility room, this was not a big deal, except for when it made me lose sleep. But now I have to worry about the people below me. I don't know how loud two cats running around on your ceiling sounds like, but I'm terrified of getting kicked out like the piano-playing freak who lives above me.

Oh yes, did I mention him? First night I'm here, he starts banging on the piano at one in the morning. And when I say banging, I'm speaking literally. He was not playing a song. It sounded like a 2 year old was on the piano. And I'm thinking, "I better not go up there and tell him to shut up, because anybody who plays nonsense on a piano at one in the morning in an apartment building is either very drunk or very crazy or perhaps both." I talked to the landlords in the morning, and they indicated to me that they'd had problems with this guy before. He's apparently going to be kicked out. Hasn't happened yet, although there have been no more late night serenades.

And now, a word from Avery:

She thinks my laptop makes a great butt warmer.

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