Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Random Stuff

1. Damn you Firefox! My browser crashed no less than 5 times this morning. And at one point I couldn't access my hotmail. WTF? Please, please someone fix these bugs! Otherwise I'm stuck using IE 6! Gah!

2. The staff at Curves is really annoying. And I understand that they're trying to make you feel all warm and fuzzy and part of a community, etc. That's what they get paid for, but seriously, what makes them think that I want to have a conversation about what I did last weekend with a virtual stranger while sweat drips down my face and I'm panting like a dog? Geez. Take a hint and stop pestering me.

3. Have you seen the trailer for the new Star Trek Movie? It looks pretty good, although with something like Star Trek where there's so much history, it gets really tough. You'll never please everyone.

4. I'm having a Teen Twilight Party on Thursday at the library, and so I was compiling a list of vampire read-alikes, and I came across Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It was an adult book, so I thought I should read it first to make sure it was appropriate. I had to subsequently take it off my list as I decided it was too racy to book talk to thirteen-year-olds, but I really, really enjoyed it. The only thing that bugs me, is that the ending leaves sooooo many loose ends. So many, in fact, that you immediately assume there's going to be a sequel. But alas, there is not. At least not yet. Sunshine was first published in 2003, and they are republishing a new edition this year leading some fans to hope that this may be an indication that McKinley is indeed working on a sequel. I hope so, because it would be sooo awesome. I just don't get why she would write these interesting, complex characters and create this cool world and then just... leave it. So much potential. So, with the warning that you will be disappointed with the end, I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from post-Twilight depression and needs a solid injection of vampire love. Or lust anyway.

And here's a quick tantalizing morsel to whet your appetite:
"Constantine,"I cried, "are you turning me?"

"No," he said. "I would not. And this is not that."

"Then what-"

"Do not talk. Not now. Later. We can talk later."

"But- but- I am so frightened," I pleaded.

In the moonlight I could see his silhouette clearly. He raised his head away from me, arching his neck backward so our bodies remained touching. I saw him rip, quickly, neatly, his upper lip with his lower teeth, his lower lip and tongue with his upper. He bent his head to me again, and when he stopped my mouth with his, his blood ran across my tongue and down my throat.


librarychik said...

I have been hesitant to upgrade my firefox. I think I will wait a bit more yet, especially after reading your post.

Violette said...

It's actually been good lately. It was just for about two days that I was having big issues with certain websites. Seems to be fixed now.