Sunday, November 09, 2008

Okay, okay. I get it.

Here's a dream that I had a couple of nights ago.

I'm walking in a sort of part maze, part garden. The walls of the maze are made of bamboo, and the corridors open up now and then to reveal bonsai and other plants and flowers among bubbling fountains of water. Very zen.

And there is a woman who is walking the maze with me. She's not leading me anywhere, she's just walking with me. Another thing about the maze is that it is vertical as well as horizontal, and we sometimes have to climb bamboo ladders to reach other bamboo platforms higher up.

Often we go through an opening or climb a ladder only to find ourselves back where we started. It is only after we've been through a section several times that I finally see an opening which will allow us to go on to the next section of the maze. The opening has been there all along, but for some reason it was not visible to me the first few times that I passed it.

I have just climbed to the top of one of the bamboo ladders and stepped onto the bamboo platform when there is a sudden rumble, and the entire platform collapses from under me. The other woman and I fall to the ground below, but we are not hurt. The other woman then speaks to me for the first time. She looks at the collapsed platform at our feet and says, "Some things are too broken to be fixed. You can only move on and begin again."

She then moves to stand between two bonsai and is transformed into a stone statue, becoming just another part of the garden. And I am left alone standing on the splintered wreckage of the bamboo platform.

That type of dream is the equivalent of my subconscious hitting me on the head with a very large stick. I'm pretty sure I know what it means with respect to my life.

What would it mean to you?

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librarychik said...

Wow, that is a very straightfoward, telling you what to do kind of dream. I would be interested in what you thought of it. To me, it means you need to let go of your fears and move on to the next step, that the way is there if you will just look.

Whew! I had a dream 3 mornings ago, my boss was driving a big semi, but there was no separation between the cab and the trailer. I was sitting in the passenger seat and all the employees were in the trailer, fearful and crying. She was taking us to the arctic circle. Dreams are weird.