Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quiz Time!

Your result for The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test...

Problem Plays

You scored 53% = Tragic, 45% = Comic, 20% = Romantic, 29% = Historic

You are the "Problem Plays!" The Problem Plays are a group of Shakespeare's plays that cannot be readily identified as either Tragedies or Comedies because they have an equal amount of both. The Problem Plays often present the protagonist with a situation that must be overcome, but after a toilsome journey, the hero almost always comes out on top! Often called "tragicomedies," the Problem Plays contain elements of dark psychological drama, light-hearted comedy, and a bit of romance. This means you are most likely a well-rounded individual with a perfect balance Tragedy, Romance, and Comedy in your life. While you may experience some hard times along the way, odds are you will fight through them and come out on top!

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librarychik said...

I like that: you are a 'well rounded individual with a perfect balance...'

Sounds good to me :0)